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Before using this Stitcher Head, all operators must acme dough sheeter manual study this manual and follow the as Hohner 43/6, 48/5, 52/8 and 55/7 heads and Acme, Champion, Interlake, ISP. Magnatek heads. We can give you advice to resolve stitching problems, technical issues or offer more innovative solutions. acme dough sheeter manual This manual is produced by DeLuxe Stitcher Company Inc. Click here for the used DIN sizes, many serial numbers and the HS codes of graphic machinery.

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Keep these instructions with the G5 Stitcher Head for future reference. If you have any questions, contact your local DeLuxe Stitcher Company Graphic Arts Representative or Distributor.

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D S HD 24 1/2 1/2 = Crown size in inches 24 = Nominal wire size HD = Head S = Original Equipment Manufacturer. Hohner. Champion Stitcher acme dough sheeter manual Manual. Saddle Stitcher Interlake Stitcher Wire Stitcher Stitcher Head Stitcher Model Perfect Binder Bostitch Stitcher Book Stitcher Muller Martini Stitching Head Saddle Stapler Akiles Powis Parker Fastback Acme Interlake Wire O Binding Wire Book Binding Machine Interlake S3a Powis Parker Wire Binding Machine Binder Binding Machine Binding System Image Maker Punch Binding Gbc Binder Stitching Machine. Magnatek Manual.

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Monotype multiple head wire stitching machine for flat and saddle work up to mm thick. The part number for each Stitcher Head can be used to define the stitcher head itself, in most cases. More info. Round ( mm) Crown. Standard crown of stitch: 1/2" Stitches per minute per head: Stitcher clearance from top of compressed work to bottom of head: 1/2" Stitch height from floor: 33 1/2" Size of wire: 25 to#27 Number of heads supplied with stitcher: 2- 26D style heads Number of heads that can be used simultaneously: 6 Distance between stitch centers: Minimum- 1. Local pickup : ACME Steel. Acme Champion – Interlake 26/26D. Acme Champion Manual.


Hex head hub kit rebuilt latch lifter nut-special pawl pin plate plate acme dough sheeter manual assembly plug assembly plug cover rivet roll roll pin screw screw eccentric seal shaft assembly shop apron slide spring spring assembly spring compression spring wire form stitcher strap stud. 5. 10/26/ 0 Comments Thus the driver holding the spring 90 is pressed so that you can push the driver along the Bender Bar BA down acme dough sheeter manual until it can be removed from the bottom of the head.


Please link to WC Worldwide Website at with www. acme dough sheeter manual Champion, Interlake, Magnatek, ISP and M Stitcher Heads are used.

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Our team is ready to use our knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist. G Stitcher Head Beisel. Please help if you have a copy!

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Operating-Instructions Spare parts list UNIVERSAL 45 S Narrow Stitching Head hohner Maschinenbau GmbH Gnscker 19 Tuttlingen Telephone. Completely interchangeable with ISP/Interlake/Acme Champion Heads. Höhner – 52/8 Universal (loop) more info. more acme dough sheeter manual info. Supplied with 2 x ACME Champion stitcher heads. Gbc digicoil parts.

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G5 Stitcher Head OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL Wire Size: 25 Ga. The 26/26D head is one of the most popular style acme dough sheeter manual heads in the world for both OEMs. This style has been around for decades and is interchangeable with Acme Champion, Interlake, and ISP heads. We are the place to go if you need high quality parts, stitcher heads, machines or just informed help and assistance. acme dough sheeter manual A cyclical wire stitching machine head includes a reciprocating staple-forming and driving apparatus which is coupled to a wire gripping and feeding mechanism which reciprocates with it. Acme champion stitcher head manual. Acme Steel Stitching Machine Book Stitcher Model A Champion. The minimum center to cen-ter distance between heads is only 2 (39mm) at a (mm) capacity set-ting. Keep these instructions with the G5 Stitcher Head for future reference. This stitching head can be used on any stitcher or collator using the following stitcher heads: Deluxe 26/26D, ISP/Intertlake/Acme Champion 26, Magnetek, Hohner 52/8, Hohner 55/7, Hohner 48/5. During each cycle of the machine the supply wire is gripped and a predetermined length thereof is fed through a cutter to a holder and severed while, simultaneously, the length severed in the preceding cycle.