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HP LaserJet Pro sheet Feeder Tray. This flag controls the sensor that registers whether paper is loaded in the MP Feeder or not. Click the Settings button to open the Automatic Paper Settings window. Article Id: html, Published: 06/19. You should see a small black plastic flag that hangs down switch garage from manual to automatic and rests on the paper. Wonderful printer but I cannot find the switch to stop it from switching from tray 1 to manual feed switch garage from manual to automatic when i'm trying to print from MS Outlook. If you do not want to print from the manual feed slot, go to CASE B: Print from the Paper Tray (Tray 1). Paper stopper. There is also information on setting up AUTO CONTINUE, which sets up the printer so it will automatically switch to another paper tray when the current tray is empty. I am trying to set up a Macro to print packing lists from emails and i Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Your printer allows for a maximum of 6 trays (Tray 1, two sheet feeders, sheet feeder, and MPF).

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Outlook used MS word as its word processor and i have no problem printing from Word. The issue could be the paper tray remove the paper, move each of the paper tray align. LaserJet M always defaults to manual feed. Click OK to close the Automatic Paper Settings window. Manage your business, not your printer. For Windows. (65) Write a review. If you want to print from the manual feed slot, go to CASE A: Print from the Manual Feed Slot.

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Save time by refilling. Print It begins to flash at me. Relocating the Machine. It will not pull from the tray. Will Not Print From Tray 1 or Tray 2; Prompts to Load the Bypass Tray (Manual Feed Slot) Product support for: Xerox B Multifunction Printer, Xerox B Multifunction Printer Family. Load paper for single‑sided printing (simplex) Load paper for two‑sided printing (duplex). Click the Main tab, then select Automatic as the Source setting.

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NOT FIXED. 3. Open Tray 1, and adjust switch garage from manual to automatic the paper guides; Extend the rear paper guides; Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them; Load the paper; Loading the manual feeder. It doesn't matter switch garage from manual to automatic the program (Word Perfect, MS Word, mspaint) the printer flashes for me to insert a paper into the manual feed. NOTE: The following combinations of trays are available.

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• Replace the Paper Tray (PL-XX) • Replace the Main PWB, (PL-XX) Code:; Description: Paper Mismatch at Manual Feed Slot The size setting for the Manual Feed Slot does not match the paper size loaded; Remedy: • Check the media size settings for the tray from the Control Panel. 1: Use the operator panel on the printer to enter the menus. Prevents paper that has been output after printing from falling. If your HP printer is suddenly asking to load Tray 1.

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Y↓N→Replace the Paper Size Switch (PL-XX). For example. Load paper to the specified paper tray or switch to another paper tray manually.

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. Tray 1 (the drop-own tray): size = Any and type = Any, although it might be worth (temporarily) setting something like size = A5 (or soime other size you will not be using).

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[A4/A3LTR/LGR Auto Switch] Select whether to use paper of a size close to the size specified in switch garage from manual to automatic [Default Paper Size. To restart the machine, turn OFF the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds, and turn it back ON. Make sure the flag is moving freely. Reduce trips to the printer to reload paper with this paper input accessory. Check the solution applicable for your case. The Manual Feed message appears when Manual is chosen as the paper source in the printer driver and there is no paper in the manual feed slot. The MANUAL FEED message appears when the manual feed slot is selected as the default paper source in the printer driver.

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Manual feed slot. Hi all, I have a user who has an HP LaserJet that keeps forcing them to manually feed to Tray 1. Hold the lift handles when carrying the machine. Access the printer settings. [Switch switch garage from manual to automatic Trays(Tray Priority)]: Switches to the paper tray where paper of the same size is loaded. USE REQUESTED TRAY and MANUALLY FEED PROMPT settings in the Printer Hardware If you are having issues with the printer pulling from Tray 1 (MP Feeder), you can bring up the printer hardware settings in a Web browser to set USE REQUESTED TRAY to FIRST and to set MANUALLY FEED PROMPT to UNLESS LOADED to have the printer avoid using the manual tray. This document provides information on setting up an HP LaserJet printer to attempt to bypass the Manual Feed Tray, switch garage from manual to automatic which is also know as the MP Feeder, the Multi-Purpose Tray, the Auxiliary Tray, the Bypass Tray, and Tray 1. Changed settings to Disable Tray 1.

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